Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Costa RIca

Here's a few pictures from our Costa Rica trip.  We stayed a few days at the Arenal Volcano, which is behind us in one of the pictures.  WE went with Chris and Kris, Brian and Buffy Kraft, and our friends here from the "ward" Darin and Lisa Rentz.  We never actually saw the top of the vocano due to those clouds, but it was pretty awesome anyways....
Here is the house we rented during our time at Arenal.  It was 5 bedrooms and cook/host/butler included.  He made us some fabulous meals, including blueberry tilapia, some Italian feast, and ham stuffed chicken.  I'm sure there are exotic names for all that, but I'm not that cultured.
Heres us all on the deck at the house.  The views overlooked Lake Arenal, which was beautiful.
Mi esposa y yo.  OK, my Spanish is junky, but you know who we are. 
After a few days at the volcano doing hot springs, zip lines, and relaxing, we went to Jaco, a beach town famous for it's surfing.  
We went to Manuel Antonio National Park, which is where Jurassic Park was filmed  Here we are on a beach there. 
Another beach at the national park.  pretty crowded, eh?
SPider monkey!
3 toed sloth.  and baby. 
Lawson girls at the smoothie shop on the beach
The smoothie shop.  We amicably re-named it McRoberts smoothies because Chris' dream is to own the place and live on the beach.

This is us at the Marriott in Los Suenos.  It was such a beautiful resort.
So there you go.  a few of the thousand pictures I have yet to go through and make look better...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rylan's first match 09

This is the correct way to start the season.  Rylan's first 8th grade match.  Feb 2, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Los Cabos

Out of order, but I'm a computer idiot.  Here's the kids doing our Christmas aid project.  They gave out over a hundred gift bags to the kids, filled with candy, trinkets and love.

Well, our family Christmas trip to Los Cabos was a blast.  We spent hours on the beach, ate tons of food, spent a lot of time together, and had the following adventures...  Here is Rylan with some whale bones in Cabo Pulmo.  

Here is my family at Todos Santos.  We shopped and then went to a terrific beach near there. 

My woman and me by Las Palmas
Miklane is just excited to not be in the freezing Colorado winter

A few of us on Christmas eve.  Check out those sweet jammies
The kids on the beach on Christmas.  Miklane livin' large.

Bowen eating some of his favorite food-----shrimp.
Bo, Regs and Trevor in San Jose in the town square on Christmas.  ho ho ho
Shawnie and Jess.  All smiles
It didn't end like it looks like it will.  The python chose to wait till we left to strike.  He was about 12' long.  Poor bunny, I hear they taste like chicken tho
Me, Mom, and Javan.  
Rylan trying to get lucky at the airport.  I think he got her phone #..
Reg and Duncan.  
Merry Christmas doggy
Amanda and Dani with a few surf boards at Cerritos.
snorkeling with the fish.  La Playa de Santa Maria
Reg and Maddie at Santa Maria
Bowen going for a snorkeling adventure

A quick peek into one of our scuba dives.  It was amazing.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pueblo Adventures

So we cruised down to Pueblo last Saturday, about 85 miles.  We brought the quads and had a blast cruising around on the trails.  No major injuries.  Reagan rolled the little yellow quad, had a helmet on so was fine.  Bowen spilled on a friend's dirt bike, a few scrapes and what not, but fine as well.  We also discovered a drag race track, where we watched some high octane drag races.  Lot's of fun, we'll go there again...


That's right!  Vegas isn't all about ladies, whiskey and dice.  Case in point:  A couple of studly nascar rednecks.  oh yeah, they exist.  Only in Vegas, but....  A go cart track was conquered, we littered off the Hoover Dam, disrupted store window displays, thrashed on a rental suburban and just raised heck in general.  No regrets, my friend, no regrets.  

Guys trip to Powell

So, we all (with two) exceptions, met up in the desert for a few days of fun.  Highlights included Mike's singlet, Todd's cliff jumping bravery, Judah's new mastery of the Sky Ski, Dave's ghoulish wakeboarding, Javan's glassy water wakeboarding, Con's excursion planning and my barely passable boat captianship.  Enjoy a few pictures...

Hopefully this is just the first of many such adventures.